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Addressing Clean Drinking Water Challenges in First Nations

Pattern Discovery has assembled an All-Canadian team of technology companies and service providers to permanently resolve the long-term issues related to clean drinking water in First Nations

The “TEAM” has worked collaboratively to develop unique, sustainable, clean drinking water solutions that address the systemic problems facing water treatment operators in remote communities

Drinking-Water Challenges in First Nations

The “TEAM” has worked collaboratively to develop unique, sustainable, clean drinking water solutions that address the systemic problems facing water treatment operators in remote communities.

It could form part of the infrastructure for a self-governed water policy for First Nations, ensuring compliance with emerging First Nations regulations. The data from water treatment systems across the country will provide unique insight for the regulatory body into potential challenges facing remote communities – allowing for a more accurate picture of budgeting and funding requirements to meet these long-term needs.

Introducing WaterInsight™

WaterInsight™ is a comprehensive platform for measuring, monitoring and managing water treatment system operations. 


Cloud services and remote monitoring technologies

WaterInsight™ utilizes cloud services and remote monitoring technologies combined with powerful data analytics to provide actionable information to water treatment operators and technical support teams.


Advanced asset management technologies

Advanced asset management technologies offer unprecedented technical support capabilities and provide unique insight for asset and product lifecycle management.


Actionable information for operators

WaterInsight™ leverages data analytics to provide actionable information for operators to achieve sustainable performance.

Main Components

WaterInisght consists of 4 main components:

The Information Factory™

(powered by OPSgrok)

•  Remote monitoring services

•  Data processing, management, historization

•  Follow-up on alerts, notifications, and escalation procedures

•  End user administration

The “Patterns That Matter™” Analytics Engine

(by Pattern Discovery)

•  Encoding rules of operation

•  Understanding key performance indicators (KPI’s)

•  Managing maintenance schedules and activities

•  Evaluating threshold violations and abnormalities

•  Comparing historical trends

•  Developing predictions for fault or failure conditions

e.RIS™ – Visualization & Reporting Software

(by e.RIS, a division of Suez Water):

•  Dashboards and reports

•  Manual data entry

•  Electronic log books

•  Mobile applications (phones & tablets)

•  Streamlined maintenance management system

Asset Management

•  Asset Framework – linking equipment to operational data

•  3D models of components and parts

•  Lidar scanning – point clouds for existing systems

•  Digital twins of operational systems

•  Augmented reality technologies for enhanced technical support

•  Remaining useful life calculation for accurate planning, budgeting and funding

•  Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for spatial representation of water distribution

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First Nations Helping First Nations

A unique component of the Drinking Water Solutions for First Nations is our vison for creating an Innovation Hub and Regional Technical Support Centres, staffed and operated by First Nations personnel. 

The Innovation Hub was act as a catalyst to showcase technologies and build programs that would provide simple, reliable, and sustainable operations to First Nations communities.  The Regional Centres would provide guidance and support to operators in partner communities, helping with troubleshooting problems and developing best practices for water treatment operations. 

They would have access to the same operational data as provided to the community operators, allowing them to clearly understand the factors that could be affecting operations and provide expert opinions and guidance in problem-solving exercises.

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