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SunCoke implements CompressionInsight

“Last year, the decision at SunCoke to upgrade to PI 2010 meant that we would have access to real-time data from our plants to optimize all aspects of our operations – including increasing energy efficiency, managing water consumption, maximizing asset performance, mitigating risk and achieving regulatory compliance.

When the PI systems were installed early this year, “exception” and “compression” were turned off on 98% of the tags and “scan rates” were set to one minute, regardless of the tag data type. During 2012, we implemented a PI tag tuning initiative, in which we had planned to spend 1-2 weeks at each plant to review all the tags (2,500-7,800 per plant) and adjust the settings, as needed.

Subsequently, we purchased CompressionInsight software to use at five of our plants. This system has enabled us to gather data and provide new compression and exception settings – without the need to travel to each plant. As a result, we’ve been able to remotely adjust and standardize our scan rates in conjunction with the compression and exception tuning, increasing the value of the data to our business.

The initial investment in the software was quickly recouped by eliminating travel expenses to each of our sites. We realized additional value by freeing resources that would have been dedicated to the tuning process and enabled them to focus on other areas of the business.

Finally, the support provided by Pattern Discovery Technologies has been excellent. They worked with our staff to install the software, provided live training sessions and responded to questions, which they have done in a timely manner. They also have been open to ideas for improving the system.

Based on the success we’ve experienced with the CompressionInsight software, and the productive partnership we’ve established with Pattern Discovery Technologies, we plan to use this software at SunCoke when we add new tags to capture relevant data.”

Scott Larson – SunCoke


About SunCoke Engergy Inc.,

SunCoke Energy, Inc. is the largest independent producer of high-quality metallurgical coke in the Americas.  They operate plants in Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Vitoria, Brazil and produce over 5 million tons of metallurgical coke per year.  With over 50 years experience supplying coke to the integrated steel industry, SunCoke has been a market leader in designing, building, owning and operating plants that have far less impact on the environment than traditional coke making facilities.






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