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EmissionInsight – Mining companies solution to Emission Testing and Reporting Legislation

Pattern Discovery Technologies and Dräger Safety team to provide a solution to Emission Testing and Reporting Legislation

Monitoring of emissions in underground mining is critical to the health and safety of employees working in these environments.  Worldwide, governments and industry are implementing aggressive policies and procedures to ensure the safest possible conditions for these workers.  Here in Ontario, Canada, the government introduced legislation in January of 2012 to ensure reliable and repeatable exhaust testing for underground diesel equipment (Ontario Reg 854  Section 183.2 – click here for an excerpt from the legislation).  The legislation requires employers to conduct regular emissions tests on these vehicles and make available an historical record of these tests.  When linked with remedial actions taken in the event of excess levels of a toxic substance being detected, the test records and work orders form a complete history of compliance to the legislation and actions taken to ensure a safe environment.  When used as part of a preventative maintenance program, the “pre-inspection” test can be an early indicator of potential problems requiring remedial action, thus avoiding costly downtime of equipment.

Dräger Safety and Pattern Discovery Technologies have partnered to deliver a solution to meet these requirements.  Utilizing state-of-the-art portable gas measurement technology available in Dräger’s high precision EM-200E gas measurement device, equipment technicians can now perform emission tests in the field without the need to drag along portable computers or other devices to facilitate the test.  EmissionInsight communicates directly with the EM-200E to download equipment lists to be tested, along with results of the previous test for reference by the technician.  Once the tests are completed in the field, the results can be uploaded via a simple USB connection to an appropriate repository for analysis and reporting.  Historical tests are displayed in tabular and graphical format for trends or conditions that may warrant additional action.  Reports can be generated for distribution or attachment to work orders.

EmissionInsight can act as a standalone product but it has been architected to interface with a variety of front end and back end systems.  With the appropriate IT infrastructure, equipment information can be obtained from existing asset management systems and the results can be stored in corporate database structures.

Click here to read more about EmissionInsight.



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